There Is Money All Around Your Home


I spent several years on energy efficiency

This is how my home looked like when I purchased it in 2014. The ugliest house on the block I spent the first 2 to 3 years working on repairs and energy efficiency. Knowing what I know now if I had to do it all over again, I would've begun with solar 1st. It would've stabilized my electric bill and allowed me to work my process backwards, and probably saved more money.

Has your home been checked for energy efficiency?

Most people are unaware of where to look or where to begin. Most peoples electric companies will do a free home energy check if you request it. This will give the ability to learn where improvements are needed, and what rebate or incentive programs they may have for doing so. Some utility providers cover more areas, and some cover less. I've become extremely knowledgeable through my own personal research, and working on many of the projects for my own home. Let me help you skip the reading and reviews to guide you to the right products, and potentially help you receive money back for doing so  

Do you know which of your appliances are using the most electricity, and the areas of your home lacking efficiency?

Most people do not have a great understanding of this. Don't worry. I didn't either until a lot of reading and research. Some things you can do around your house for just a few bucks. Others may cost a little more, but provide more savings, efficiency, and convenience. Some people are in better shape than others. Rarely is there a situation that cannot be improved with a tip or two.

Look at the gallery below to see some areas I've worked on

I've worked on a lot of different areas of my home. I went energy efficiency, security, and then aesthetics. Everyone has different desires and desired outcomes. I've had my roof repaired, insulation increased, coverings on my windows, double pane glass installed, windows tinted, solar attic fans installed, insulated garage door installed, switched to all LED lighting, cut the cable cord, installed water efficient toilets, installed a wifi mesh system for a greatly improved internet, outdoor solar lighting, and of course a rooftop solar system. Every $10 you save a month is an extra $120 a year. Let me show you where you can find this money, what it may cost, what it may save, and potentially getting additional money back for doing so. Just remember that I've been able to save $3,500 a year annually. It's given me extra resources to work on additional improvements, and will eventually help me complete all of my goals shortly. Also remember your home is your home. You can do as little or as much as you want depending on your specific goals and timeline. I will share with you what I know, and any recommendations I have whether we do business together or not. My goal is always to help people save as much money as possible, where ever possible, and to hopefully get as much money back for doing so.