The Neighbor's House

The Bad Side Of Solar

     This is the house 5 houses down from me. He had his solar installed several months after mine. He's a very nice guy that works for a local retailer, and runs his own business as well. Unfortunately, we didn't meet until after his install, and he didn't respond to the flyer I put on his door before it either. I really wish he would've because it breaks my heart for what happened to him,

     He approached me a month or two after his install, and was asking questions about my bill and telling me about his. He was not having the $10 bill like me, and explained to me his situation. He went to the convention center for the home and garden show. He spoke with some people at a solar booth that look professional, and that gave him the impression that they were reputable. They sent a representative over to give him his solar consultation. The representative told him the panels he was purchasing had mirrors on the bottom and collected as much energy on the bottom as they did from the top. That they would install solar attic fans for him. They tore off his solar pool heater, and told him that they would replace it with a high efficiency electric heater. They had him pay in full for the work.

     Unfortunately, my neighbor did not achieve net zero. He was sold half a system for more than full price. He never received his solar attic fans or his pool heater. When he attempted to call the representative the number was disconnected. When he called the name he saw on the installers vehicles, they were subcontracted. When he called the people that he paid the money to, they were an out of state company. Now he is out of a significant amount of cash, still has a bill, and will be in litigation with an out of state company for the next several years. There are a lot of fly by night companies trying to cash in on good people like this, and out of state companies coming in to pitch false benefits of a leasing program to homeowners. Make the comparison of this house to my house, and you can see how badly this hardworking guy was taken advantage of while trying to save money to retire comfortably.