Why Go Solar?

Let The Sun Replace One Of Your Largest Bills With A Smaller One, And One That Will Be Eliminated!

Almost everybody's main objective by GOING SOLAR is to SAVE MONEY! That is something VERY REALISTIC if you and your home qualify for it. If you do qualify IT COSTS YOU ZERO OUT OF POCKET and most people start saving $100's to $1,000's of dollars a year immediately, and tens of thousands to over $100K for the lifetime of their system. SAVING MONEY isn't the only reason people are declaring electric independence, and becoming ELECTRIC PRODUCERS!

Whatever Your Reason Is For GOING SOLAR There Isn't A Wrong



When your biill is fixed, starts saving you money immediately, and you no longer faces pricing increases a lot of people enjoy the stability they have for always knowing what to expect. 



I still have school age sons. I'm always teaching them to clean up after themselves, and leave things better than you found them. Should the future generations have to clean up our toxic coal ash in the future?



I don't know about you, but my next egg for the future probably isn't where it should be at this stage of my life. If I ever get to stop working not having an electric bill in the future will be one of the reasons why.

Peace Of Mind


We all know what the only 2 guaranteed things in life are. In the case of an accident, severe health issue, or an untimely death it gives me comfort to know my family is not left with overwhelming responsibilities in my absence.

Tired Of Getting Robbed By Your Electric Provider


You can continue to complete energy efficiency projects at your house. The fact of the matter is almost any money saved is almost immediately wiped out by your electric company's annual pricing increases. They'll never get tired of burning your money. Will you?

Climate Change


Whether you believe in climate change or not the last 5 years on Earth have been the hottest on record. Weather is doing things that are only supposed to happen every several hundred years every year now. Do you really want to bet on your childrens future and your grand kids that we are not leaving them an enviroment sustainable for food production and clean water? Reduce your carbon footprint on the planet by GOING SOLAR.

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