Why Solar?

There are many reasons people are going solar, but what's important to you?

The Number 1 reason most people go solar is to achieve a Net Zero on their bill like you see here on this bill. Most people want to save money. Solar can be the best experience of your life or the worst depending on who you choose to help with your installation, and the products that are used. The most important reason to go solar are your specific goals and desires though. Everyone's are different, and none of them are wrong. Ask yourself some questions. Do you want to save money? Will this save you money? Is this something that could help you plan for retirement? Will this help your children if you intend on passing your home to them in the future? Could this help your family in the case of an untimely emergency? Does this help the environment? How much does this reduce your family's carbon footprint on the environment? Is slowing down climate change for future generations important to you? Would you like to have the ability to have power for your home during power outages? If any of these are questions you would like to have answered,  click the link on this page to have your specific questions answered by one of our knowledgeable and professional experts in this field. 

Learning about solar and your specific desires to have with it should be a pleasant experience with someone that wants to help you determine if it helps you achieve your goals, and what products could help you achieve your desired results. If you work with someone that has different motives, you may help them achieve their goal rather than your own. It is important to work with someone who will treat your home like it was their own. LOOK at WindMar HERE

Ideally when you go solar you should be achieving several things when things line up properly. You should see a bill that is at or below your current 12 month average electric bill. You are put in a position where your electric bill is stabilized, and for the most part immune to pricing increases from your provider. You are paying down principle on something you own, rather than paying a rising bill on something you do not. You are increasing the value and equity in your home. You are using products that will help you achieve your goals for 25 years or longer. You are eventually eliminating one of the largest utilities in your home. For the people that qualify when it lines up like this, it's normally a no- brainer, with instant savings, and zero money out of pocket.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Save!

If you are open minded about finding out if you can save money, and what you may qualify for then take the short survey below to set up your free home energy audit, and for your free custom solar roof design specific to your home. Don't miss your opportunity to save from expiring programs and incentives. Get informed before they expire. There is ZERO obligation for any purchase. NOT ALL HOMEOWNERS AND AREAS WILL QUALIFY