Why Solar Mike?

I'm an Orlando resident and homeowner

You want to work with someone who is going to be there if you need them, knowledgeable an expert in the field, and some one who is also using the products they are trying to help you improve your home with. I moved here in 1985 from Kansas City. Even though I'm not a native of Florida, I've had my residency paperwork here for sometime. I'm a homeowner in between the Southchase and Hunter's Creek area of town. I've spent a lot of time, energy, and researching to get my family to the place of stability that we have achieved. I'd like to help your family do the same, and skip some of the hardships we endured. We are active in trying to make Orlando a better community for everyone that lives here, and not with just solar. 

Because I care

I've become very knowledgeable in this field. A lot of that knowledge was from personal hardship, and trying to provide security and stability for my own family. I try to walk into everyone's home and evaluate it as if it were my own. I want to help you beat the system, find as many ways as I can to save you money, help you get money back, and have more for your own family for the big picture. I got to where I am from researching and learning how to make my money work hard for me, instead of always working hard for my money. The more you do this, the more you have for the pleasures of life. I strongly believe that everyone should be honest, and everyone helping each other. That way your extra resources can be used on family and friends for things like vacations, events, going out to eat, concerts, live sports, prepared for emergencies, or whatever your heart desires particularity. I love what I do, and that I am sincerely able to help others and make a difference in them and their families lives.

We are out there helping Floridians

My family and I are out there trying to make a difference. We grew up poor and know what it is to go without. We were fortunate that other's helped us when my mom had a serious stroke that nearly killed her in the beginning of 2017. We've made it our goal to go out and pay it forward ever since. Whether it's relief work, or trying to help my clients we are committed to make a difference in the world, and encouraging everyone to help their neighbors and do the same. Being a member of my Facebook page Keep Orlando Clean, Green, and Beautiful will allow you to keep up with important things related to the Central Florida community. It also makes you eligible for additional incentives being a member, and knowing that you are at least paying attention to things that could make a difference. I try to post things that will keep you up to date on environmental policy, local environment policy, climate change, global warming, solar news, important Central Florida news, Central Florida activities, things to do, places to go in nature, and animal and nature posts. We are always eager to help others, and look forward to meeting others that would like to do the same. Click the button below to go to the page to become a member.

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